What to Wear for Family Photos

You were finally able to coordinate with everyone’s schedules and get that family session on the calendar. The location is all set, and the next big question is “What are we going to wear?!” To help answer that, I’ve created this resource to help you plan your family’s wardrobe, so that you are obsessed with your photos!


Start with yourself

If your reading this, I’m going to assume that you are the one who booked the family session, and I want to make sure that YOU look and feel good with what you are wearing. Do not get everyone else situated, and then find yourself pulling from your closet to fill in the gaps. You’ll thank me later!

Choose a color palette

I highly recommend choosing a color palette, rather than just one color. Combining different shades of a color with neutrals and other coordinating colors will allow you to coordinate without being too “matchy”. Also, stay away from too many super bright or neon colors. Soft or muted tones photograph tend to photograph better. Speaking of, when you do choose a color palette, be sure that it includes at least one neutral. Heck, I want to encourage you to think about going all neutral! Those soft creams, greys and other muted color tones are the key to creating timeless, classic photos that fit changing seasons and changing home decor (which is where your photos will likely be displayed).

Layer pattern and texture

As far as pattern and texture, we want to vary that too. Especially, in family photos since there are more people grouped next to each other. If everyone is wearing a pattern, the photo will be VERY busy. The same is also true for too many solids. If everyone is wearing the same solid, the photo will be abrupt. Mixing patterns and textures will create layers when you are placed next to each other, and allows the photo to flow.

Splurge on something new

If you are investing in your photos, it only makes since to also invest in outfits that your family is excited about. So, plan a shopping trip with the photo session in mind. And, also don’t be afraid to splurge on the boutique dress that you normally wouldn’t buy. You want to be the best dressed versions of yourselves. Plus, everyone feels great in a new outfit, and that excited confidence will show in your photos!

I have also created a Pinterest board of inspiration with you in mind. Click the link to Outfits for Families if you would like to further visualize the tips that you just read about. And, if you are more of a let’s start from scratch kind of planner, I also have Color Palette inspiration pinned if you would like to check that board out as well!

If your family is still a party of two, tap the button below for information more specific to couples!