What No One Tells You About Your Wedding Dress | Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer

If you’re a midwest bride getting married between the months of April through October, there is something that no-one is telling you. It’s something that few people know, and it’s so small that even if a person does know, it’s rarely thought about so never talked about! But, when it’s wedding day and it’s happening, it can feel like a very big deal. So, I’m going to tell you now. Ready?


If you walk across grass in your wedding dress during those warm, mild months…your dress will. attract. bugs. Bet you didn’t see that coming. ha! I’m not sure if it’s that bright, white fabric that attracts them, the long skirt scooping them up as it moves through the grass, or both. But, it happens!

I haven’t found a way to truly prevent it, but I haven’t had a bride go down from it either. ;) There are so many layers to a dress, they usually get trapped between pieces of fabric, and never even come into contact with you. Plus, they are so small that I haven’t had them show up in photos either. It’s impossible to brush them all out during photos, so we just take action on the big ones and keep moving. Usually, there are some pretty great bridesmaids on site that hold your dress up as you walk, and take care of brushing them out when we’re done. Grooms are always great about this too!

It’s small, it happens and it’s not a big deal at all! But, I have spent so many weddings with brides who find a bug in their dress, and when I say “oh yeah, that happens to everyone!” they immediately respond with “CHELSEA! Why didn’t you tell me?!” If you’ve been that bride, you’re probably laughing right now, and I’m still sorry! haha!

But, this is me sharing with the world—behind every pretty bride is a bug in her dress.


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