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Pinterest is the ultimate wedding planning search engine. And, if you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably no stranger to that addictive little search bar. But, how do you get the most out of those pins and boards that are inspiring your plans? Here are three ways to use Pinterest as a tool while planning your wedding!

Use your Boards to Understand Your Style

When you start pinning what you love to a board, you will likely see a trend in the look, the color scheme, or the overall feel. THAT is your style. Pinterest boards are a quick and easy way to understand your own likes and dislikes so you can look for those things when hiring your wedding vendor dream team. I remember a specific consult, when the conversation led to a bride showing me her wedding board. She said something along the lines of “I feel like your style of photography is exactly what imagine for our wedding”. YES! She saw that my style matched the consistency of her board, and that is one of many things that let us both know that we were in the right place. If you are pinning things that are light and airy—hire a photographer who creates that kind of work! If you are drawn to dark and moody photos—choose a photographer who shoots and edits that way!

Stunning bouquet by Calabash Florist & Company!

Stunning bouquet by Calabash Florist & Company!

Use Your Pins to Communicate your Vision

Pinterest can also be a useful tool in communicating your vision to your vendors. Sometimes it’s tough to put our style into words, but a consistent board can be an effective visual to make sure that everyone is on the same page. And, before wedding vendors everywhere come knocking down my door, let me also say: Asking any wedding professional to replicate what you have pinned, is a disservice to both you and the vendor. After you communicate your vision, and give the vendor what they need to deliver, trust them! That creative freedom will lead to amazing things, and it’s also less work/stress on your part! For example, if a bride shares a board with me that has a ton of photos with a lake-side look, I would then recommend we find a location with a lake to create a similar feel. But, ultimately, we would be shooting in a way that is unique to their style, and my own vision that they hired me to create, rather than duplicating the 25 different poses that might be pinned.

Beautiful florals and styling by Judy Pour at The Pour Vineyard!

Beautiful florals and styling by Judy Pour at The Pour Vineyard!

Use Pinterest for Inspiration, Not Imitation

Yes, we all dream of a Pinterest-worthy wedding, but what does that mean anyway? Do not compare your wedding day to the hundreds of weddings, budgets, days, vendors, and styled shoots that are behind all of those pins. Instead take that inspiration, and make your day mean something to you. Your personality, love story, style, and sentimental touches are what will make your day memorable. I promise!


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