Dear Ryan,

This time last year, our wedding venue was decorated, and we decided to celebrate with dinner that Thursday evening. We stopped on our way out, so we could stand in the venue one more time before the fast-paced festivities began. It was our first time seeing the room at night, and the warm bulbs dangling above, gave everything (including your smile) the perfect, romantic glow. Our excited voices echoed in the otherwise quiet room, and the extra Bloody Mary’s that we had with dinner convinced us to spin around on the empty dance floor. After four years of dating, a two year engagement, and years before any of that, still introducing you as my best friend…the reality of our growing and planning and waiting was sinking in. We were getting married.

Here we are a year later, and my gosh, that day could have been yesterday. And, I think that’s because that familiar feeling never faded. It’s a combination of the excited anticipation of what’s ahead, mixed with being happily content right where we are.

As this week flies by with all of the others, I know we will be thinking, laughing, and talking about the wedding. We will go back to the same places to relive it in our minds. We will reminisce over brunch. We will curl up on the couch and eat too much wedding cake. We will look back at photos and rewatch our video. And, I can’t wait to spend all of that time focused on just us.

But, I also can’t stop thinking about that less significant Thursday, when we just slowed down and took it all in. Because our marriage is more than than one single wedding day. It’s a life time of good times and bad, in sickness and in health, all of which we vowed to love and honor each other through.

So, happy random Thursday, husband. I love you.

Photo by:  Zachary Spencer

Photo by: Zachary Spencer

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