Choosing the perfect location can be one of the toughest aspects of planning your photo session. I think there is so much value in leaving this up to the client, but that doesn’t come without my help if you need it! So, incase you aren’t sure where to start, I thought I would share the 3 major things that I look for in a photo location.

The first thing to think about is the overall style or look that you are hoping to achieve through your session. Most of my work is done outdoors in a natural environment, so some of the most popular session locations are parks and wineries. If you are using words like—natural, outdoors, simple, rustic, country—then these places are a great start.

That style choice also goes hand-in-hand with the personalization of your shoot. It is ideal to find a spot that not only fits your style but fits YOU! So, think about the places that mean something to you. The lake where you spend your summers, the property that has been in your family for generations, the site of your first date, or even your favorite spot to spend time together. Your session is meant to share your story, so thinking about where your story spends most of its time is super helpful.

Lastly, as a photographer, I look for variety within a location. If a location offers a group of trees to photograph in, great! Mature trees filter the sun, and I gravitate to them a lot during sessions. But, while those trees will give your session a certain look that I love, my goal is to work toward multiple looks during one session. To achieve this, it is ideal to shoot at a location that offers multiple spots with minimal moving. For example, a winery with a vineyard, a group of trees, and also building structures could be ideal for three very different looks within one spot.

Here is Megan and Matt’s engagement session as an example. As you scroll through their photos you will see a simplistic, natural theme that we achieved at a local park. This look fits their overall style, and looks beautiful hanging within their home decor. This location also offered them variety within their photos with the pines, open grass, rustic shed, etc. The best part is that this park also means something to the two of them. They walk their dogs here regularly (so it’s very them), Matt proposed beneath these very pines (big moment), and they even stopped here for wedding photos! So, Matt and Megan checked every box on the list of things to look for.


Can I also let you in on a little secret? I will take YOU in amazing light over the perfect location all day eerrreryday. So, try not to overthink it. ;)