How to Rock Your Photos on a Windy Day | Shot by Chelsea

When it comes to scheduling a photo session or choosing a wedding date—the number one worry is often the weather. Rain and extreme temperatures are the most often talked about, but the element that can come out of nowhere is the wind! Luckily, there are a number of things that we can do to survive the wind or even hope for it! Here are my three best windy photo survival tips! I’m going to use Liz and Tyson as an example, because they rocked a VERY windy day and I’m obsessed with their photos.


Be Prepared with Hair and Makeup

Wind can be tough on hair and makeup, so it’s important to be prepared. I recommend booking professional hair and makeup for your photo session day! Professional products and techniques not only photograph better, but also last longer in less than ideal conditions. It can also be helpful to come prepared for touchups while we are shooting. Wind can cause watery eyes, but that’s nothing a visit to your makeup bag can’t fix. Also, consider styling your hair up, if you love that look. Or, if your style allows, you can maintain softness with a brush or comb on a windy day. This next photo was taken well over halfway through their windy session and Liz looks perfect! She simply ran a brush through her hair between poses.


Relax and Trust

It’s so important to relax and have fun during photos. So, remember to just trust your photographer! I have a number of tricks up my sleeve that allow me to photograph in the wind. Sometimes it’s turning a couple so that the wind is at a flattering angle. Other times, I may look for something within the location where the wind is blocked. Wind can also be perfect for poses that involve you picking up your dress to walk or tucking your hair back. Plus, a little bit of Photoshop magic can fix minor things that are out of place—which is how I perfected this next one! The wind was taking her hair straight up against the truck, but in the finished photo you can’t even tell!


Embrace It

There are some amazing photos that just aren’t possible on a calm day. Wisps of hair in your face, the way your dress moves, his fingers in your hair, the way your veil floats—embrace that natural movement! Shoutout to Liz and Tyson for doing exactly that.


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