Farmhouse Christmas Decor Inspiration

Christmas at the farmhouse is my favorite. It’s when my love of home decor meets cozy traditions, and the result makes me want to curl up with a Christmas mug while Michael Buble sings Silent Night in the background.

So, pour something warm in your mug and come on in!


The living and dining area is by far my favorite spot in the farmhouse. It’s the space you walk into when you come through the front door, and it’s basically the heart of our home. We end every day on the couch with a paper plate of supper on our lap, while we watch a few episodes of either Parks and Rec or The Office (both on constant rotation in our home).


Much of my decor, Christmas and otherwise is focused in the living and dining room because not only do we spend our time relaxing here, but this space is also used for entertaining. The openness allows a party of 20 or more to all comfortably hang out in the same room. That’s really all I could have ever hoped for in a home.


The fireplace is the focal point of the overall room and divides the living and dining areas. I love decorating our fireplace each season and I am seriously considering adding a mantel.


I displayed our stockings differently this year. Instead of hanging them together (again, I think I need a mantel) I used them as accents in completely different areas. It looks cute, but isn’t very functional for St. Nick. ;)


I was always told that my Dad would hum “O Christmas Tree” to get me to fall asleep when I was little (I was a December baby). I instantly thought of that when I found this pillow at Mill Street Treasures in Waterloo, and it makes me smile every time I plug in the tree.


I just think this corner of the farmhouse was made for a big ol’ nine foot tree. If you need a new tree, shop Hobby Lobby AFTER Christmas. My grandma found this one there after the season and it was stupid cheap.

Off of the dining room is the kitchen, another room that gets pretty dressed up for Christmas. We have a small rustic tree in one corner, and oh my gosh, if I could have this same tree at 9ft, I totally would. It has realistic needles, an old fashioned Christmas feel, and looks perfect with the antique, candle-like bulbs. This tree was also a gift from my grandma (she knows me well).


Another corner of the kitchen is my coffee bar…also a beloved space because while my day ends on the couch, it starts right here.


I also want to talk about cedar! Every year, I make a trip out to my family’s cedar grove (another tradition of ours growing up) to cut cedar to fill in the gaps of the winter decor. I love the smell. I love how it fills a space with ease. I love that it’s f r e e. Annnnd, I hate the mess. It does eventually dry and fall so I recommend putting it places that aren’t touched often. I have it dispersed in small amounts throughout the house, but I especially love it on our back porch this year!


Another new addition to this year’s Christmas decor is this sign (also from Mill Street Treasures). It greets visitors from the back porch, and is pretty much the epitome of our Christmas style.


I appreciate you joining me on the Christmas home tour! Have you seen the full transformation since the remodel? Tap any of the buttons below for mind-blowing before and after pictures and the process that got us here! I’m also going to leave you with this flattering photo of Copper. I tried to get a cute Christmas picture of the beags, and this is the best face I got. haha!


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