What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

Your engagement session is circled on the calendar, the location is all set, and you’re looking at your closet thinking “What are we going to wear?!” Trust me, you’re not alone. Which is why I’ve created this resource to help you plan your outfits and get the most out of your engagement photos.


Where do we start?

Think about how you can incorporate a balance of “This is comfortable and very us” along with “Our style is spot on and this is the best dressed version of us”. If you are investing in your photos, it only makes since to also invest in outfits that the two of you are excited about. Girl, you only do this once, so just go for it.

What color should we wear?

To start this conversation, I want to ask you where these photos will be displayed. Will they be in your home? Think about how you could coordinate with your home decor. Will they be used on save the dates or displayed at the wedding? Maybe you could incorporate the wedding colors. Either way, I highly recommend choosing a color palette, rather than just one color. Combining different shades of a color with neutrals and other coordinating colors will allow the two of you to match without being too “matchy”. Also, stay away from super bright or neon colors. Soft or muted tones photograph much better. Speaking of, neutrals are our best friends. Include them to balance any color that you did choose, and don’t be afraid to go all neutral! Those soft creams, greys and other muted color tones are the key to creating timeless, classic photos.

What about pattern and texture?

As far as pattern and texture, we want to vary that too. If you think about what you wear as an individual, you probably love wearing layers. There’s something about layers over a pretty dress that make us feel so much more stylish and put together than the pretty dress alone. So, try to bring that into your photos. And, even if your chosen outfit doesn’t allow for layers, think about how he could wear something different so that the layers are there when you stand together. For example, you’re in floral print, so he rocks a solid, neutral. Layering patterns, textures and colors will lead to more dynamic photos.

How many outfits should we plan?

I want to make sure that your photos have variety, and part of that does come from different outfits. However, I also don’t want you to spend a ton of time changing, especially not during golden hour. ;) I have found that two outfits seems to be the magic number. Most times, couples use this as an opportunity to choose one casual and one formal outfit, but I want you to do what feels right and fits your style best!


I have also created a Pinterest board, Outfits for Couples, for inspiration and examples of wardrobe that photographs beautifully, so you can actually see what we’ve been talking about. So, head there next to start visualizing!

And, if you are looking for a resource specific to family photos, tap the button below for more information!

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