As the farmhouse transitions into the fall season, I wanted to share what exactly is running through my mind as I shop and place the decor in my home, and give you an inside look at the end results! Here are my five tips for decorating your home for fall:


1. Decide on a color scheme

There are a number of different colorful ways to decorate for various seasons. If you are the traditional bright red, yellow and orange fall enthusiast, play it up. Personally, I prefer to stick with my neutral farmhouse color palette. So, even while the leaves are changing, my home is full of classic white, soft grey, natural beige, sage green and a little muted blue. Keeping your preferred color palette in mind will help you shop for the right items that fit in with what you already have in your home.


2. Stay consistent with the style of your home

This tip goes hand-in-hand with keeping your color scheme in mind. When I pick up a piece of decor that I like, I always ask the question “Does this fit my style?” before adding it to my cart. Pumpkins, for example, are made in hundreds of different colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Some are the traditional fall hues, others are a glittery gold glam, and there is always a wide range of patterns and even materials to choose from. For the farmhouse, I stick with soft colors and natural textures. Some are very realistic, many are white, and a few are made out of materials that mimic corn husks or tree bark—all things that fit my style. Maybe your home has a cabin feel and you want to include buffalo plaid pumpkins. Or, if your style is more modern, elegance then you could look for sleek, gold painted pumpkins. I promise this simple tip will make all the difference.


3. Don’t just add…replace

One of my biggest rules with seasonal decor is making it feel like it belongs in my home. So, instead of randomly adding pumpkins and gourds that feel out of place, I remove some of my everyday decor and replace it with the seasonal items. This is also true of the garland greenery and floral stems that are incorporated. My everyday home decor consists of a lot of eucalyptus (the cool, muted greens fit my farmhouse style perfectly). As I transition to fall, all of the eucalyptus gets packed away, and is replaced with a darker, mossy green and accented with earthy browns and subtle burnt oranges.


4. Arrange in odd numbers.

I do this for every aspect of decorating—arranging floral stems, grouping items, mixing shapes, everything. Sometimes I can look at a piece and know in my gut that something is off, and it’s usually because two items are sitting next to each other just begging for a third. You will see this rule incorporated into basically every aspect of my home decor.


5. Combine textures.

If you layer with various textures, your decor will have more depth. My easy-go to is starting with a fabric piece (linen napkins are great for this). The fabric grounds whatever is placed on it, and introduces a texture different from what’s likely on top of it. Below you will see that I combined fabric, metal and smooth shapes on a wooden backdrop.


I hope you carry these tips with you as pumpkins start popping up in your home too! Feel free to comment with questions!

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