10 Things I've Learned from Mom and Dad's Marriage | Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I live for love stories. I love to hear them, I love to tell them, and I love to watch them come through in photos. And, while my own story is definitely my favorite, there are two people whose love story holds an unmatched place in my heart. Let me introduce you to my parents.

Since this is a platform built on celebrating marriage, I thought it was time for me to share how much this particular one means to me! There are countless qualities that I recognize in myself, in the way I run my business, and in the way I treat my own marriage that I can trace directly to the way Mom and Dad lead by example. So, in honor of their TWENTY-SIXTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY (whoop whoop!!), I wanted to share some of those lessons with all of you!

10 Things I’ve Learned from Mom and Dad’s Marriage:

  1. Goals are achieved faster if you work together toward the same ones.
  2. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to be happy.
  3. There is always a creative way to make what you have even better.
  4. The little things (like supper around the table each night) should be routine (no matter how busy) because they are actually big things.
  5. Hold each other up through hardship because one day you will look back and realize that it made you stronger.
  6. Tradition ties you together. Keep the old favorites going and start new ones.
  7. If you talk and listen through conflict, you will never actually experience real conflict.
  8. Understanding strengths and weaknesses can allow each of you to be exactly what the other needs.
  9. Consistent thoughtfulness can mean just as much as any one grand gesture.
  10. Happiness isn’t found in big, fancy or expensive things. It is found in meaning, intent and perspective.

Now, I won’t go into all of the details about how exactly they have proven these things time and time again. But, just so you can see exactly how adorable Mom and Dad are, here is a throwback to a past anniversary session!


And, if you have a favorite love story that deserves a spotlight…your own, your parents’, your grandparents’, your GREAT-grandparents’…I highly recommend considering an anniversary session. Many couples showcase their love on day one, but a marriage is so much more than a wedding day!