I still remember November 6, 2015 like it was yesterday. Ryan and I were geared up in lightweight camo, and we walked to one of our best spots in the middle of a seasonally warm deer season. We don’t get to hunt together very often (as a wedding photographer and a farmer, deer season is also our busy season) but when we do, we take a camera to video our hunts. Ryan stopped me beneath a giant oak tree and set up the tripod to film my pre-hunt interview for the third time. Before I could process why he was taking this particular hunt so seriously, he dropped to one knee, told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and asked me to marry him. After an obvious YES and a lot of ugly crying, we finished our walk to the stand and spent the rest of the evening starring at the ring on my left hand and whispering back and forth about the excitement that we just couldn’t hold in. For those wondering, we DID see deer in-between whispers, but nothing big enough. ;)

We set our date for the same weekend (our favorite time of year), two years later (I like to plan ahead. ha!). After that, it didn’t take us long to dive head first into the planning. As you could have probably guessed, finding the perfect wedding photographer was at the top of my list. I knew that I had to find someone I could trust to fully enjoy our wedding day. I was also very aware of the value in photography, as here I am almost six months into marriage, and already turning back to the photos to hold onto that day. I spent more time researching photographers than I did trying on dresses—or any other wedding planning aspect for that matter—and landed on a few AMAZING photographers. After meeting with the ones that really stood out, we chose Erin Stubblefield Weddings and Portraiture.

Erin had everything that I was looking for…the style (this was huge for me), the professionalism (very important to Ryan), and the personality (this person will be at your side for your biggest moments, you MUST click with them.) We booked Erin for all of these reasons, but I have to say that she continued to go above and beyond throughout the entire experience, and I cannot thank her enough for that! Fun fact: Erin married her hubs the SAME DAY we got engaged. Fate? Probably.

So, without any further rambling… I want to give you a glimpse into our wedding day!!


My college roommate, bridesmaid and one of my best friends is my go-to graphic designer. She designed our invitation suite and program, and also hand lettered a portion of our signage.


The gals got ready at the farmhouse, which made things so personal and comfortable.


I was a very emotional bride, but I think the first look with my dad brought the most tears.


We exchanged letters before the ceremony...again I cried. 


We were both raised Catholic and held our ceremony at St. Joseph's in Prairie du Rocher. 


These people right here are my world. Our wedding party is so supportive and we always have the best time with them!


Another shoutout to the people who made me feel so pretty! Lara Voss has been in charge of my hair for YEARS. Cut. Color. Style. Anything. I can always count on her to excel. Miranda Sutton Beauty did the makeup for us gals, and oh my gosh I feel so transformed every time I sit in her chair. All of our attire came from Bridal Manor, and our experience with Bridgett and her crew was flawless.


Of course, Copper had to make an appearance! My second shooter, Kelsey, has become a close friend of mine and she made sure Copper was taken care of during the craziness and brought him on location for us. Always my right hand gal!


It's hard to choose a favorite part of such an amazing day, but this ranks pretty high on my list!  Erin caught this pupper kiss PLUS our videographer, Bradley Allan Productions (another amazing vendor and friend!) captured it in motion! It's just so us. Copper loves Ryan's beard for some reason, so this is everyday.


One more of the beags, because that tuxedo! Copper hates outfits, but is all about his themed bandanas so the tux in bib form worked perfectly.


My mom did all of the florals for our wedding, and was the brain behind my vision for most of the decor. She is crazy talented and even managed to fulfill my dream of antlers in my bouquet.


Ryan is passionate about deer management and obsessed with oak trees. So, Mom incorporated acorns into the boutonnieres. We also had acorns in the decor, an oak leaf on the invitation suite, and a unity tree (instead of a candle) during our ceremony. These details made the wedding even more personal and took us back to the proposal under the oak tree.


Our reception was at the Season's Event Center. Jon is the coordinator and chef. Amazing service. Fantastic food.


Our cake was created by Gordon's Cakes. Jo-Nita is a close friend of ours, but even with that bias aside, I can promise that you will not be disappointed in her perfectly executed design or delicious flavor options. Not only did she design this big, beautiful cake, but she also treated each of our guests to a sample plate of our cake flavors, because who wants to choose just one piece? ;)


This last one is hanging on the wall at the farmhouse. It MIGHT be my favorite if I had to choose. :)


I absolutely love turning to our wedding photos to relive this day, so thank you for taking a minute to be here with me! I also can't get enough of our wedding video...you can watch the trailer that Brad created here.

And, if you are bride looking for ways to get the most out of your wedding day, I recommend clicking here next. ;)

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