Just a few short months ago, I wore the bride title with excitement and soaked in every piece of wedding advise that I could. You only get to marry your best friend once, so I didn’t want to miss a thing. While I heard “don’t stress too much” and “something WILL go wrong” on repeat, very few people talk about life AFTER the wedding. So, here are a few things that I realized after everything was over. 

Life doesn’t revolve around the wedding anymore, so it’s easier to procrastinate. Without that major deadline of a wedding date, the post wedding to do list (sorry bride, that list doesn’t end with the wedding) tends to drag on. There are certain things that I had no problem completing. Our thank you cards went out on time, and I couldn’t stand the clutter of our spare bedroom being a “wedding room” any longer, so all of the leftover decor HAD to go. But, if I’m being honest, my wedding dress is still on the hanger and hasn’t been cleaned. I haven't come close to printing all of the photos that I dream of printing. I have not started our wedding album, and haven’t even shared all of our photos with family (I know our moms and grandmas are going to want some wall hangers!) Before, all tasks either started with “this has to be done before the wedding”, or “let’s just wait until after the wedding”. Now, everything is just kind of hovering.

Also, when you anticipate this one day for years, put so much into planning it, and then it slips by in 24 hours..don’t be surprised if you are a little sad. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, dress shopping, craft days, and all of the other fun social events that focus on the two of you…have ended. And, that makes “normal” life feel weird. While planning your day, any ounce of free time goes into the wedding, and most conversations are wedding related. It feels different to turn that off and lose the excuse “this only happens once” so let’s invest the extra time, money, etc.

But, don't let all of that freak you out just yet, because there is an AMAZING feeling that follows your wedding. You wake up married. That wave of excitement that I felt when someone called me Ryan’s fiancé is actually bigger when Ryan says, “this is my wife, Chelsea”. For the most part, married life doesn’t feel much different. We shared everything before, including our home, so generally, things stayed the same. But, we feel…stronger. It feels like our relationship grew up in a way; like we finally reached the place we are meant to be. We have plenty of room to grow, and I’m not naive enough to think that our marriage won’t evolve and that we won’t ever have to work on it. But, this place where we are is a combination of strong and safe while still being new and exciting. 

I guess what I’m saying is be careful when you claim "I'm ready for it to be over". Make it personal, make it mean something, and make it worth it. Because you two are worth it and that’s what you will hold onto afterwards. And, get excited. You will wake up married soon, and that feeling is even better than the best day ever.

Wifey, I would love to hear about your post-wedding experience! And, bride! What scares you the most? Comment below.

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