Wedding Decor in the Home

Planning a wedding and turning a house into a home are exciting, life changing, overwhelming milestones that often occur all at once. I see you…starring at your Pinterest search-bar, looking for ways to make it all easier.

So, I’m here with good news…there are soooo many ways! The best part about your wedding decor and your home decor is that they are both meant to be very you. Your unique style is infused into both. So, pulling from one and using it to build up the other can really work wonders AND save you money. Win win, right?

So, here are three ways that I used wedding decor as home decor to save time, money, and also serve as a daily reminder.

While l loooove fresh flowers (you just can’t beat them!), my talented mom was our floral designer, so we opted for artificial florals so they could be built well before the rush of the wedding day. This choice also allowed me to keep them afterwards and incorporate them into our home. I used loose pieces as home accents e v e r y w h e r e, and the greenery that filled our reception, now cascades from different areas of our home. Also, one of the wreaths that welcomed guests from the church door, now welcomes people from our front door. Another option, is using your bridal bouquet as an instant centerpiece. Just pop it into a vase or container that fits your style and you can enjoy it everyday!


Beyond the florals, there were other items that we purchased with the intention of later incorporating them into our home. It really set my mind at ease knowing that our money was being invested in items that were serving us in the longterm. For example, the copper tub that held our wedding favors now sits in our living room holding firewood. The three tiered stand from our kitchen’s coffee bar, also held desserts at the wedding. And, the lanterns that filled our venue with a candlelit glow, now fill our home with that same warmth. It’s only been about four months since the wedding, but I love that I can look to these items as daily flashbacks to the best day ever.


Lastly, was our photos. Early in our wedding plans, I had an engagement photo display in mind for a backdrop at our reception. That display involved canvases of a certain size. So, after I ordered them, they lived on our walls until the wedding day. Afterwards, they fit right back into their designated spots. (with minor adjustments to make room for wedding photos of course!) This could also be done in reverse if you have already planned your photo displays at home. Take them down, and look at how you can mix them into your wedding decor! Wall art is worth the investment. But, it is even more worth it when it can impact both your wedding and your home.


After the venues were decorated, the farmhouse was looking a little bare. But, bringing the two together has been so worth it! How do you plan to bring your wedding into your home?

Chelsea LieferComment