Springtime Farmhouse Decor

This teensy bit of sunshine, finally put me in the mood to pack away the last of the winter decor and spring out the SPRING. Ryan and I are hosting my family for Easter this year, so I wanted to make sure the decor was set before I ever starting thinking about baking a ham. ;)

When I started pulling things to incorporate into the farmhouse, the spring colors that stood out to me were sage green and a muted grey-blue. These colors are also found in my everyday decor, which I love, because many things that come out for spring will stay until fall. So, after Easter, I will take down the various eggs and rabbits, but the eucalyptus and other greens will stay through summer.

The coffee bar in our kitchen is always one of my favorite corners to decorate. The 3-tiered stand is so versatile, and the barn wood bar top seems to welcome any pretty detail that I set on it. Especially, those fresh florals!!


I used natural moss to build small nests that I placed in little areas that needed a little 'something', and dropped in a few neutral eggs. I love how this nest stands out on the top tier. 


The dining room also gets a ton of seasonal attention. We LOVE filling it with family and friends, so I want it to make a big impact when people walk into the room.


This chicken feeder is eeevverrrythaanng. I find a way to incorporate it every season, but it always fits best during spring on the table. I filled it with greenery (from our wedding decor!) and the same small eggs that were used in the nests. The feeder alone was a little lost, so I added the grey rabbit so the runner was less symmetrical and the center had a little height.


The shelving in our dining room is always filled with most of the rustic elements that you see below. For spring, I added the eucalyptus, and I love the way it mingled with the blue mason jars (and the blue glasses on the table!). Antlers are also up in our home year round, but I think spring is a pretty appropriate season to get into them even more. Shed hunting season! These shelves make a great backdrop for our dining room table, so I love when the neutral colors and rustic textures pull together!


We have a fireplace that divides our living and dining spaces, and is the visual center of the open room. I like to keep a large focal point hanging on its stone. Christmas was easy--big wreath and done. But, I struggled to find a spring wreath that I liked, and was also big enough. So, I made a one! (I have also been looking into large clocks, but haven't fallen in love with one yet!) A grape vine wreath and a few pieces of garland (all from Hobby Lobby) wired together easily to create a simple wreath. I still think it needs something, so it may evolve over time. ;)


At this point, Copper was done with my whirlwind of decorating. He is a grumpy old man in the cutest beagle package. 


But, he was pretty interested in the new centerpiece. I'm telling you, I put eggs everywhere for Easter! haha!


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. :) I would also love to hear how you convert your home from winter to spring! Am I the only one who puts eggs everywhere?!