3 Ways to Hold an Unplugged Ceremony

An unplugged ceremony is when you invite guests to be fully present, and request that they keep all cameras and phones tucked away during the ceremony. If you aren't sure about the value in doing this, you can find my take on it in last week's blog post. Today, I want to talk about the how.

The pretty and popular version of this request is an entrance sign.

Ours said:

"Welcome to our Unplugged Ceremony

Our amazing photographers will capture every aspect of our ceremony. We invite our guests to be fully present with us, and respectfully ask that you turn off all cellphones and cameras. Thank you."

There are various different ways to say this to fit you and your wedding while also remaining courteous or even evoking a laugh. A quick Pinterest search will give you a ton of ideas!

If you don’t have the room for more signage, the budget to execute it, or simply don’t like its obviousness, another great option is adding a note to your ceremony program.

We did both, I wasn’t messing around. haha!

Ours said:

"Please stow your cameras and phones for the ceremony. Chelsea and Ryan have handpicked a photography dream team and promise to share their work. At the reception—go photo crazy!"

We ended with our wedding hashtag. Using our names kept things personal, and it was no secret that photography was VERY important to me. Plus, we didn’t want guests to be scared to take pictures the rest of the day, and that gave us the chance to give our hashtag another plug. Come on, I’m not totally anti-technology. ;)

If you are looking for a free, effective and very clear option. You could also ask your officiant to announce your unplugged request during his or her welcome. We decided not to call attention to this during our traditional Catholic ceremony, aaaaannd stressing it to guests three times may have been crossing into bridezilla territory.

I hope this helps, and I would love to hear YOUR ideas! Comment below!

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